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Heyman says even Moores was against the sale of Padres to Moorad

Listening to Darren Smith right now on XX1090. Apparently minority owner (49%) Moorad is 100% out and majority owner (51%) John Moores might have had a change of heart and may want an active role with the Padres again.

Less than a month ago Moores said the following:

"I’m ready to move on. After 17 years, I’m ready to close the door. I’m ready to sit in the cheap seats. Life’s too short. I don’t even think I have to sign anything. Mail me the check. I keep opening the mail … nothing."

Darren is talking about Jon Heyman's latest tweet where he says that Moorad didn't have the 22 votes necessary from the MLB Owners. We all know that Reinsdorf and Kendrick have some sort of feud with Moorad, but the shocking part is that even John Moores was against Moorad. Talk about changing horses midstream.

Moorad realized he didn't have votes, leading to him stepping down. Reinsdorf/kendrick led opposition and even moores was against
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Darren's source says one of three things will happen now:

1. Moores comes back and takes control.

2. Someone else from Moorad's ownership group will take the reins and try to get buy in from the MLB.

3. Padres find a new ownership all together, maybe a cast off bidder for the Dodgers.