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Jeff Moorad steps down, Tom Garfinkel to become interim Padres CEO


In what looks a lot like a strange switcheroo, Jeff Moorad is going to step down as CEO and become Vice Chairman of the Padres while Tom Garfinkel will move from Padres President to Padres CEO.

According to the release, it looks like Moorad will be focusing on Fox Sports San Diego while Mentor will be working directly with the Padres.

What exactly does this mean?

First off, if you see Moorad as a pure investor type of owner, then the regional sports network probably is the better moneymaker than the team. Second off, if you like Garfinkel more than Moorad (I guess you could put us in that camp), then this is very interesting news. From our conversations with Garfinkel, he's very dedicated to this team and while we don't agree on all of his ideas, he's not one to turn away feedback or criticism. He's also been much more visible and carries none of the whole "former agent" stigma that Moorad carries.

Overall? This looks bad for the team. But in the end, it's probably for the best. Maybe in the end it gets the ownership transfer approved quicker as it placates Ken Kendrick and Jerry Reinsdorf who have sworn a blood oath to get Moorad the f_ck out of the big office at 100 Park Blvd.

I wonder if Mentor will return our phone calls now. Next time we see him, he'll be wearing a black robe with blue electricity crackling from his shriveled finger tips. That's cool with us, Mentor. That's cool