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The 10 best things about being a San Diego Padres Fan. Inspired by Gaslamp Ball

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Big League recently posted the Padres edition of their 10 Best things about being a Fan series, and we kinda participated! We were referenced as inspiration, kinda. Gaslamp Baller Clemenko wrote it up and it turned out good and you should go and read it.

Yahoo Commenter was a little bit right about not mentioning the Chicken, but it's a forgiving miss.

I like #9:

. . .This city has never had the ticker-tape parade it deserves. But you know what? When we do win, it will be fantastic. A championship in our lifetimes would be the city's first championship ever. It would be a colossal, earth-shattering explosion of joy. I will probably park my car on the street and disappear for three days.

BTW. If you ever feel like you want to participate in some Padres or online related thing, it's OK by us if you to reference your status as a Gaslamp Baller, as long as you don't suck. If you do something that kinda sucks, we're going to claim that we don't know who you are (which is probably true anyway). Like 4chan and Anonymous.