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Expanded playoffs in baseball? Awesome, but they should do more

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The thing that the MLB loses out on every time to the NFL is the lack of true Events. With only 16 games in the regular season for each team, the games are all events. They're all do or die. You have a bad stretch of a couple weeks and your hopes for the post season are dashed.

In baseball you have 162 games. Managers sometimes sacrifice entire games with an eye towards trying to win the next two. Maybe that's great strategy in the long run, but it also gives you 4 hours of nothing here and there.

Therefore, I propose that the MLB expands the playoffs even more.... TO 16 TEAMS. Everybody loves March Madness, but it's the sweet 16 that they really want.

But don't just go by Win/Loss Record. Change the rules as you go like Vince McMahon in the WWE or in the Hunger Games.

Here's how I'd break it down...

All of the division winners
That takes care of six of your MLB Sweet 16. This satisfies the traditionalists. As long as you can still be better than your division, you can make it to the post season.

Four Wild Cards
Sometimes your division is a bitch to play and you deserve an extra shot at the big show. Also, the Miami Marlins.

The Team Whose Home Fans Satisfy the Attendance Challenge
This one varies from year to year. For example, on a random night, the Attendance Challenge kicks into play and each stadium's rendition of Take Me Out To The Ballgame is judged by Paula Abdul and Cee-Lo. The winning stadium sends their team to the postseason. Another season might be whatever stadium eats the most hot dogs.

The All-Star Game MVP's Team
So much better than having home field advantage decided. Whichever team's representative best represents their team gets their team into the postseason. Done and done.

Last Season's National League and American League Champions
It's a pain in the ass to get your team to the World Series and the previous year's champs should just get another shot. During the 162 game regular season, their players will just laze about like Roman emperors, getting drunk before games, lollygagging around because they know they have an automatic ticket to the post season.

Winner of the Dark Horse Tournament
You take the four teams with the worst winning percentages over the last 3 1/2 years and make them play a mini single-elimination tournament during All-Star Weekend. The winner gets a bid to the Playoffs. The caveat here, the three teams that don't make it must sacrifice their first round draft picks for the following year and they have to fire a random coach. This part is like the Hunger Games. If you're in the Dark Horse Tournament, you're like District 12. Everybody all laughing at you and your downtrodden state.

The team with the best record over the last 30 games of the season
This makes sure you have a fiery team that everybody else is scared of and that nobody is ever out of it going into the last month of baseball. What, you've missed out on every other chance at the postseason? Play hard in those last 30 days and you still have a shot.

And that's your 16! Play them in a tournament style and have people fill out brackets to latch onto that craze as well.

Now granted, there would be a lot of different random tiebreakers that would have to be satisfied with crazy one game playoffs and what not, but that's part of the beauty of baseball, right? Having everything come down to just one game? This ensures that we have at least 428 of those "Just One Game" moments in any give season.