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Can you name the 2012 Padres Spring Training Roster?

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The Padres have lots and lots and lots of new faces in camp this year. Many may be familiar, but to be perfectly honest, your average San Diegan will recognize somewhere between zero and negative 4 players in camp (i.e. Q:"Name 4 players in Padres camp" A:"Mat Latos, Anthony Rizzo, Tony Gwynn and Heath Bell").

We are not your average fans though! We know better. And to prove it, there's a Sporcle Quiz.

You have 6 minutes to name the 60 players in Spring Training camp this season.

I got 22 and I'll be honest when I say that I missed like 15 that I'm super embarrassed to have missed. But when you're under pressure it gets hard. It's like, I kept typing "half ogre" over and over before realizing that wasn't his name.

So 22 is the number to beat. JBox got 21. Vote in the poll with how well you did.