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Carlos Quentin undergoes knee surgery, out 4-6 weeks

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"Don't worry, True Believers. I'm gonna get this knee replaced with gum drops and I'll be right as rain come morning."
"Don't worry, True Believers. I'm gonna get this knee replaced with gum drops and I'll be right as rain come morning."

The latest news on Carlos Quentin, stud outfielder, recently acquired by the Padres... Arthroscopic knee surgery and he will miss 4 to 6 weeks, including Opening Day.

Apparently, Quentin's knee was really bothering him, to the tune that he was only able to hit .533 with a couple of doubles and a home run up to this point in Cactus League. Imagine what he could've been doing had he not required surgery.

Let's all take a moment and reflect on Carlos Quentin as he gets his knee operated on today.

First off, if you're been a Padres fan for any amount of time longer than say, 8 months, maybe you didn't know this was going to happen, but you had a pretty good feeling it would happen didn't you?

It's like, Padres make a move for something exciting. Exciting thing doesn't work out.

I can say that I wasn't shocked at all. I had almost just assumed that something like that would happen despite my optimism that it wouldn't.

A history of Padres knees:

  • Tony the Gwynn - Left knee was an issue. There were constant surgeries cleaning out bits of knee and draining fluid. Enough surgeries that it got to the point that the troublesome knee was finally what took much of the credit for Tony retiring when he did, much to the relief of his troublesome belly. The excess knee fluid is being used, to this day, to fertilize Petco Park's flower gardens.
  • Milton Bradley - In a sudden fit of anger, Milton Bradley rushed umpire Mike Winters and attempted to eat his face. Bud Black, wishing to avoid the eating of a face, rushed in between Winter and Bradley, grabbed Bradley by the knee, threw him to the ground and stomped on his leg, ending his season and the Padres hopes at deep run at the 2007 post season.
  • Logan Forsythe - On September 8th of 2011, Logan Forsythe undergoes knee surgery, forcing Padres fans endure the final full month of Orlando Hudson's infamous 2011 season.
  • Brian Giles - As the Moores divorce loomed overhead, the sale of the team occurring and in the face of payrolls being slashed and no minor league system to draw talent from, Brian Giles was expected to to be the face of the 2009 franchise. But a troubling knee and enthusiastic pimp hand resulted instead in retirement.

So this is nothing new.

With Quentin out, the Padres are now able to draw on one of their billion outfield prospects and insurance policies to patrol left field to start the season. My money's on Blanks to give him Yet Another Shot at Producing, though Jesus Guzman would be more fun to watch and potentially make the team more competitive, assuming Cam Maybin doesn't mind fielding the entire space between the left field foul pole and fence by the Beachers.

C'est la vie comme a Padres supporteur.

Foulweather fans in 3... 2... 1...

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