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Learn how to work and build a baseball infield from Padres Groundskeeper Luke Yoder

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Here's some videos I found where the Padres Director of Field Maintenance Luke Yoder teaches the tricks to making a great baseball field. People call Luke Yoder the best groundskeeper in the business. I call him "friend". Actually we're not friends, but that's only because we don't know each other at all.

Anyway, try and focus on the lessons here and not on Luke's shapely calves. I just finished watching all these videos about dirt and found them to be the perfect compliment to the lecture he did on turf back in 2005.

During Padres Fan Fest Jon, Kev and I took the Grounds Crew Tour and those guys were really into dirt and turf. Like Jon and Kev would grab a handful of clay and then spit in the palms of their hands and use their thumb to mix it to the proper consistency. Then they'd suck the red clay off their thumb like it was cheese dust from a bag of Cheetos.

Jonny keeps talking about building a pitching mound in his backyard so he'll want to watch this first video.

Baseball Clay Pitchers Mound Maintenance

Baseball Softball Infield Mix Basics

Watering Baseball Softball Infield

Nail Mat Dragging Baseball Softball Infield Mix

New Field Construction for Baseball Softball Fields