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Gwynn's reaction to new baseball app is subdued

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The Dodgers are using a "revolutionary" new Bloomberg baseball app available only for professional ball players. They pay $200 a month and can view their own performance or opposing hitters and pitchers in just a few clicks on their iPads.

Dodger outfielder Anthony Gwynn Jr. showed the app to his old man, Padres Hall of Famer Captain Video, and his reaction is as you might expect.

"If Dad had this [app], he might have been on the field even longer than he was," said Tony Gwynn Jr. "He had two recorders at home games and took one on the road. He'd have all at-bats on one video and all hits on another. He did all the editing himself until '93 or '94, when they hired a video guy. He was definitely far ahead of the game electronically. I showed him the Bloomberg app, and he thought it was cool, but his reaction was sort of subdued. I guess he wasn't impressed because he was doing it long ago."

This is like showing the Pope how to use iRosary. The idea of watching video isn't revolutionary just the method, but I think Gwynn wasn't impressed for a few reasons.

First, he's been preaching the use of video for years and still players haven't bought into it. You can spoon feed them the information and most players still won't use it or use it correctly. He's probably seen this even in his own college athletes. Players have had access to video for 20+ years and still the majority rarely sit and watch tape.

Second, I think Gwynn sees the value in actually collecting and editing the video himself. He was forced to watch his at bats over and over while fast forwarding and rewinding. In order to succeed he had to set time aside and make it a priority. If you have video at your fingertips, it's easy to put it off until the last minute to cram with during a pitching change.

Third, he might have even been a little annoyed with Anthony. He's probably been video taping his swing since he was two years old and been editing reels for him for years. Then suddenly Anthony comes to him with this app and is amazed, like "Look I can watch my at bats!", while Gwynn Sr. grits his teeth.

Hat Tip: Deadspin