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Will Venable: "For me, it's not focusing on the bad stuff"

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Corey Brock has a piece up on Will Venable's insecurities. I've often read that great hitters have to be a little bit oblivious to failure because you're going to fail so often. Apparently, Will Venable is not oblivious to failure.

"I've asked them a lot of questions," Venable said of Plantier and Powell, both in their first season with the team. "If I ask them what I did wrong on a swing, they will tell me not to worry about it and instead focus on the five good swings that I just took. For me, it's not focusing on the bad stuff.

Remember, Will. Like losing, being unable to hit to your potential, is a disease as contagious as polio. Imagine you're a ship at sea... Gently rocking... Gently rocking...

Interestingly, the most confident I've ever really seen Will Venable is in responding to Yu Darvish's comments about Will Venable needing dry air and wind to to help him hit because he doesn't know how to draw a square, or something.

"That’s about as well as I could hit a ball, to be honest. I don’t know if something was lost in the translation there.

"I would have liked to hear a little more humility from the guy. To each his own. He’s a confident guy. Of course I didn’t square up a ball because he’s Yu Darvish."

Just after the game Venable said that Darvish's perception of reality isn't right on, which actually sounds like the making of a good manga. Like maybe Yu Darvish is living in this alternate reality where he's this super handsome athlete that dates porn stars and nobody's ever able to square up on any of his pitches. And he's rich. And umm... maybe he fights crime.

Maybe it's not a good manga.

In any case, perhaps the solution is that Will Venable is most confident in himself when he's trying to determine if a translator has mistranslated the meaning of somebody who is speaking to him. Will Venable's a Princeton guy so it might just be a thing where he needs to distract himself with word problems and discrete mathematics while he's batting.

Somebody tell the Padres hitting coaches.

I still hold out hope that Will Venable will be the first Padre to hit for the cycle at Petco Park, but no pressure.

Gently rocking... Gently rocking...