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The Fox Sports San Diego Twitter account believes that we are all done waiting

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The Wait Is Over.
8:39 PM - 11 Mar 12 via web Favorite Retweet Reply

We were waiting and waiting and waiting for something to happen and now The Wait Is Over. Something has happened.

This mysterious tweet was tweeted by somebody on Sunday night, mysteriously. Notice the use of caps. Notice the declarative statement. Notice that the wait became over after Moorad took action - Like A Boss - and said in a deep booming voice while glaring icily with sleepy eyes, "SAN DIEGO WAITS NO MORE". And then, Fox Sports SD Twitter account is all like, "oh snap... ok... The Wait Is Over." And Moorad's like, "MORE CAPS".

Mike Pomeranz and Mark Sweeney, who have been kept on ice over the last 3 weeks, are currently thawing and awaiting assignment.