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Links: LL uniforms, Storm commercials, Huey Lewis, Padres ticket pricing and sky diving into the Petco Park

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  • San Diego Padres (padres) on Twitter
    As the Little League season approaches, the Padres are starting to hand out something like 11,000 Padres uniforms to our city's youth. Over the weekend they posted a few pictures of the kids in throwback jerseys and hats. Check those out when you get a chance and then find out why I think this is the best public outreach program ever!
  • Thunder Across Time Pt.1 - YouTube
    Storm Baseball has released 5 or their 6 stop motion promotions starring their mascot Thunder. The story is hard to follow, but it all starts when Thunder gets a new dog house then suddenly is whipped back in time.
  • North County Times: Seems Huey Lewis isn't up on Padres' news
    Speaking of going Back in Time... Bud Black was having lunch with the local media when he was approached by moderate rock legend Huey Lewis. Lewis remembered Black from his days pitching for the Giants but wasn't aware that he is now managing the Padres. I can totally imagine Black saying the following:
    "I'm a big Huey Lewis guy,'' Black later gushed. "If I'm driving in the car and a Huey Lewis song comes on the radio, I don't change it and I'm turning it way up.''
  • Padres implementing dynamic ticket pricing | News
    I'm a fan of setting pricing by supply and demand. I think I'll probably save money by getting cheaper seats during the less popular mid week games. I don't go out of my way to see pitching match-ups. I usually don't even know who's pitching until the 3rd inning once I get situated.
    "We wanted to provide discounted seats across the ballpark to fans that purchase in advance," said president and COO Tom Garfinkel. "Over time, as the game gets closer, ticket prices will normalize, but generally, fans who buy early will save money. "As always, our season-ticket holders will enjoy the deepest discounts available. Season tickets remain the ultimate buy-early-and-save opportunity for our fans."
  • This is a rad video of some thrill seekers doing a rehearsal sky dive into Petco Park armed with 2 GoPro cameras. Just turn down the music to fully appreciate the video.