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Name the 1984 Padres team members pictured

Yesterday as the Super Bowl was winding down and I was losing what little interest I had in the outcome of the game, I started wandering and snooping.

We were at Dex's in-laws and his wife's Uncle Tony was a Padres season ticket holder for 30+ years. He had a pile of sports memorabilia and right on top sat a 1985 Padres calendar. I flipped through the pages and the months.

In the last pages of the calendar was a "Name the Padre" game that has only become harder due to the time that has passed, the glare from the lights and the blur from my nervous disposition.

Let's play. Make a list from 1 to 30 and name as many 1984 Padres team members that you can.


I'll be back in a little bit to check on your progress. Go!

[UPDATE] Answers after the jump. Grade your own.