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Micah Owings is Fresh

Well, it's now official, the Padres have signed Micah Owings to a one year $1 million Major League deal..

"Micah will compete for a spot on our staff," Padres general manager Josh Byrnes said in a release. "He is a proven contributor as a starter and as a reliever. Micah's character and versatility made him a priority for us as we looked to add depth to our pitching staff."

Owings looks to be a pretty good pick up for the Padres. I never liked him when he was with the Diamondbacks, but I think that was mostly because he was with the Diamondbacks. Now that he's a Padre I find him to be delightful. It's weird how that works.

Blessed by the San Diego Padres interest in me and the opportunity ahead!! Excited to help them WIN!! Appreciate all old and new fans!! -MO
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It's comforting to know that the Padres have another pitcher that can start when the rotation is inevitably faced with injuries and can also throw out of the bullpen. As long as he makes the team out of Spring camp I foresee good things for his time in San Diego.


Lots of jokes about Owings' hitting prowess.

Folks, the offensive component of the deal the #Padres made for Owings is very, very small. Sure, it's nice. But this is more about this arm
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I haven't found one internet opinion that hasn't liked this deal for the Padres, so for now the signing is 100% fresh, on par with the likes of Toy Story.

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Padres add Micah Owings | Friar Forecast
While signing Owings exclusively as pitching depth is okay, his real value comes in his offensive game and overall versatility.


Pitcher-Slugger Micah Owings Signs With Padres - Rob Neyer - Baseball Nation
this seems like a great fit, as Owings is a fairly extreme fly-ball pitcher and his new home ballpark -- assuming he earns a spot on the squad -- is where fly balls go to die terrible deaths.


Micah Owings Deal Finalized With Padres - Chicken Friars
It’s a relatively low risk contract for both sides.


Owings Seeks Asylum In Petco | FanGraphs Baseball
The Padres didn’t get a bargain at a million bucks, but they did a good job recognizing that their ballpark’s tendencies will help cover for Owings’ faults. They could end up squeezing half-a-win out of this investment if things break right.


San Diego Padres Add Micah Owings to Major League Roster: Fan's Take - MLB - Yahoo! Sports
I think that the addition of Owings was a great move and one that can help the team in many different areas. If Owings is forced into the starting rotation, it would likely be due to injury or ineffectiveness of someone ahead of him. This wouldn't be good news for Padre fans but is a task Owings is certainly capable of handling.


Could the Padres signing of Micah Owings be a precursor to another deal? | Through The Fence Baseball
Either way, I like the signing of Owings. He can start, be the swing man out of the pen in long relief or even be an extra bat off the bench in late-inning games. Something the Padres in the NL West, and PETCO Park are accustom to.


Mighty Micah Steps Up to the Plate | RJ's Fro
This looks to be the last piece to the 2012 puzzle. We definitely needed another free agent starter to throw in the mix and why not kill two birds with one stone here. Owings is a prolific hitter (for pitchers' standards).