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ESPN says Padres uniforms the ugliest in baseball

ESPN's Jim Caple knows a thing or two about ugly (uniforms) and as a result he has ranked all 30 baseball team's uniforms in order of ugliness. It's no surprise that he likes all the old dull uniforms the best and then complains that all the ugly uniforms are too dull.

The Padres are ranked number 30, dead last, the ugliest.

You can pick almost any time in their history and their uniform would be among the game's ugliest.

It's strange because he obviously doesn't like the Brown and Gold of the old Padres uniforms, but then has this to say about the A's:

They need to get more yellow in there, like in the old days.

Keep in mind that both the Padres and the A's wear the same Athletic Gold color. I guess he frowns on brown.

Anyway this list isn't about the past it's about current uniforms. He says that the "The rankings are based primarily on the standard home uniform -snip- alternate jerseys have some effect on the rankings."

Their current uniforms aren't bad at all except, of course, for the camouflage alternate tops.

So our standard homes aren't bad but he doesn't like our alternate and somehow we're last. Sounds like the alternate had a lot more than "some effect" on the rankings.

How can you hate the Marine Digital Camouflage? I can draw only one conclusion from this, Jim Caple doesn't support the military and is a member of the Taliban.

I'm sorry, but I don't think it makes me a member of the Taliban to point out you can salute our servicemen without wearing an ugly jersey.

That's exactly what I'd expect the Taliban to say.


Annie from the UT interviewed the players about this article: