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News from Spring Training from your favorite Padres bloggers (not us)

Edinson Volquez showing off his 4 seam grip and a pair of wild eyes.
Edinson Volquez showing off his 4 seam grip and a pair of wild eyes.
  • Bob Scanlan - Padres 2012 Spring Training Report - 2/28
    Scan thinks Edison Volquez has a great chance of making an unexpected impact this year. He seems willing to put Balsley's advice to use. Volquez's curve ball is so nasty that it made Scan's knees buckle from behind the cage. Scan also breaks down Bass and Weiland's outings and has good things to say about Yonder Alonso's hitting.

  • Day 10: When do the games start anyway? " Follow The Padres
    Corey says Bud Black likes what he's seeing out of Volquez as well. He has a few quotes from other pitchers but it for the most part it sounds like everybody is itching to play some games.

  • Follow the Padres - Twitvid
    Corey has also been taking a lot of good video of the pitchers, but I think my favorite part is the sound. I'd love to have a white noise app of "The Sounds of Spring Training". Just the sound of the players chatting and the ball hitting the glove are are so relaxing. I'd fall asleep to it every night. Somebody make that and then give me a cut once the cash inevitably rolls in.
  • Twitvid - Dan Hayes
    Here's some video of Carlos Quentin swinging pretty poorly in a batting cage sesh.
  • Padres players give nod to their heroes - YouTube
    Orlando Hudson's mentor is Deion Sanders, which explains a lot.