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Read about the day to day activities of Padres Spring Training! In the form of links!

Kyle Blanks tattooed seams of a baseball over his Tommy John surgery scar via <a href="!/FollowThePadres/status/174244909782544386">@FollowthePadres</a>
Kyle Blanks tattooed seams of a baseball over his Tommy John surgery scar via @FollowthePadres
  • Bob Scanlan - Padres 2012 Spring Training Report - 2/27
    Scan says Andrew Cashner was mowing down batters in their first live batting practice sesh yesterday. He also likes the way Mark Kotsay is interacting with the team, because he isn't annoying like Orlando Hudson other veteran players.

  • Day 9: Trying to smile at 7 a.m. " Follow The Padres
    Corey breaks down photo day. The guys with the least service time get the early appointments. He also posted some video fo Cashner throwing. I think my favorite parts of Corey's posts are the little human interest snippets that he bullet points at the end. Like I'm seriously interested in the fact that Hundley and Balsley won their fantsy football league.

  • A day at Spring Training with Cameron Maybin " Padre Knows Best
    When the Padres Media team isn't calling us nerds on Twitter (takes one to know one) they're updating their blog "Padre knows Best" (see what I mean). Yesterday they gave us a day in the life of Cameron Maybin at Spring Training. To me the Spring Training workouts seem real easy. It's just a lot of standing around, light jogging, stretching, hitting in the batting cages and a few reps in the weight room. Easy peasy.
  • Dirk Hayhurst: What it’s really like to be a rookie on your first day in the big leagues | Big League Stew
    Hayhurst wrote a guest blog and this was one of his unwritten rules of being a rookie.
    And, above all, if Brian Giles tries to hug you in the shower, just go with it. Your life can only get worse if you don't.

  • Team Preview: San Diego Padres - YouTube
    These kids crack me up for some reason. I disagree with pretty much all of their opinions especially in regards to Orlando Hudson but I do agree that Will Venable is tall. The kid on the right makes me nervous how he claps so much, but the kid on the left has a calming effect on me by the way he runs his hands through his hair. They are the yin and yang of baseball vlogging.