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Minneapolis news anchor, Mike Pomeranz, joining the Fox Sports San Diego Team

So Fox Sports San Diego has some games that it's broadcasting and it now has some new talent in the form of former minor league pitcher, Mike Pomeranz.

All we need now is for some money to exchange hands and for a channel to appear in my cable guide. Any day now. Any day now.

No word on how he's going to be used, but Krasovic says Enberg's job is safe, hater. Suuuure... Like Fox was gonna give up on Dick Enberg to roll with Mike Pomeranz to lead their new RSN.

Here's a video of Mike Pomeranz being lifted in the air by a guy named Crisco.

Pomeranz is a big dude, but he gets hoisted up and carried by Crisco like a dashing prince might hoist up and carry Yu Darvish after discovering the Japanese pitcher asleep in the forest, surrounded by mourning woodland animals. Delicately.

No offense to Pomeranz, but if this transition ends up being basically a swap of Jenny Cavnar for Mike Pomeranz, then I call f_cking b_llsh_t.