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Yu Darvish will make his professional debut against the San Diego Padres

I stared at this photo for like 8 minutes.
I stared at this photo for like 8 minutes.

Mark your calendars. Wednesday, March 7 at 2:00PM Central, the world will watch Yu Darvish pitch in his first game as an MLB player, against our San Diego Padres. Peeps be excited.

When asked what percentage he was throwing on Monday, Darvish replied: "120."

What does that even mean? Such a cute response.

Seeing Yu Darvish pitch will be like seeing the crown jewels or a Bugatti Veyron or something else that's impossibly beautiful and really expensive. In Japan, it's well known that Darvish only really has one "unhittable" pitch wherein he lobs the ball into the strike zone, quickly touches both hands to the top of the head to make a heart shape with his arms, kicks one leg out and then cutely leans to the side.

In Spring Training, Darvish is working on a variation of that same pitch, only after lobbing the ball into the strike zone, he quickly grabs his pony tails, flips them up, and puffs out his cheeks.

Both moves are designed solely to highlight Darvish's plucky good looks and so thoroughly distract the hitter that he forgets to swing.