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Source: Padres to have 5 Spring Training games telecast on Fox Sports San Diego

According to a secret source, despite lack of confirmation regarding the status of the Padres current television deal, plans are still being made to get Spring Training games broadcast on the upcoming Fox Sports San Diego.

The following dates have been confirmed:

March 17 vs Royals, 7:05PM

March 23 vs Reds, 7:05PM

March 30 vs Giants, 7:05PM

March 31 vs Brewers (ss) 1:05PM, vs Mariners (ss) 7:05PM

April 3 vs Royals 7:05PM (at Petco)

No word on which game of the March 31st double header will be broadcast. Also no word yet if these are the only games that will be telecast, but they're currently the ones confirmed by our source for FS San Diego.

Probably not as many games as Padres fans were hoping to see on the new station, but it's good to get some word that plans are moving forward. Still no word either way on when the TV deal will be approved.