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20-something Padres players talk to a 19 year old reporter about a hockey game, played 32 years ago

Master Tesfatsion is a 19 year old beat writer for Arizona State University's State Press, covering primarily basketball.

This is interesting to note because an article appeared in the Union Tribune... wherein Tesfatsion talked to Padres baseball players... about hockey... and the finding is that most of our guys are too young to appreciate the Miracle on Ice, which I can only imagine came up because 2012 is a Winter Olympics an Olympics year.

So check that again... a 19 year old guy... anywhere from 3 to 10 years younger than most of the Padres players, who normally talks about basketball for ASU's student media, interviewed baseball players about hockey and being young.

If you are interested at all in getting up close and meeting players, this is the article that proves that you can do it.

What other time of year would this be possible?

The ["Do you believe in miracles"] call has been cemented as one of the greatest sports lines in history, but just five of the 60 players either on the San Diego Padres’ 40 man-roster or non-roster invitees were born before the historic medal–round game.

How does this even come up in conversation? Young college kid walking up to multiple Padres, in Arizona, saying, "Hey can I talk to you about Olympic hockey from 32 years ago?'

Incidentally, while the Padres do skew younger than other teams, the average age of an MLB player is around 27 years, so the fact that the guys weren't around 32 years ago for the Miracle on Ice is probably par for the course.

Still, this is what happens at Spring Training.

In case you were wondering, Yonder Alonso is planning on taking some Padres to a Phoenix Coyotes game, so if you're headed to Spring Training, it may be worth your while to head over to Arena to try to spot some of our boys.