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Links: Padres may sign Owings, LL Jerseys, Bartlett a possibility for Sox and Bass pitching on a tennis court

  • PADRES: Owings to sign minor league contract
    Some people are saying it's a Major League Deal and some are saying it's a Minor League deal. The only thing we do know is that the trade is likely to happen since Owings is another ex-Arizona player. Kind of surprised he went 8-0 last year, that means he's still good right?

  • 11,000 Future Friars " Padre Knows Best
    This community outreach program was genius and that's high praise that I usually reserve for my own ideas. Take a look at the crew unpacking 11,000 Little League Padres jerseys. Then think about what it would be like to make a nest out of all those jerseys and take a nap like a baby bird.

  • NL Central suddenly has an identity crisis - ESPN
    Jayson Stark suggests that the Red Sox might consider Jason Bartlett as a SS alternative, but then back pedals and says they probably want someone who is less expensive. It's official Stark is a tease.

  • Here's some video of Anthony Bass pitching on what looks like a tennis court using an "MVP Flatground Mound". I've never seen one of those before, but I should tell Jon. He was wanting to build a mound in his backyard. He should get one of these instead.