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Gaslamp Ball Happiness Project: What have you learned so far?

We're in the middle of February and it's probably time for us to check on our February resolutions. Remember, our focus this month is to ground ourselves in the Padres rich and impressive history. I bet some of us have some catching up to do...

Read (or re-read) a book about Padres history

I have not moved on this. I've glanced through my copy of Bill Swank's Baseball in San Diego book, but not to any great extent. I need to borrow the Bob Chandler book from jbox and I will probably download the Bill Center book now that Jess is done reading Catching Fire on the Kindle and we can't borrow Mockingjay until March.

Review some important Padres moments of the past

We've been pretty good about this both directly and indirectly. If you're just returning to us from the off-season, you could check out old Padres uniforms and see what resonated with Little Leaguers, Review how Petco Park came to be, try to pick out players from a vintage1984 Padres calendar, or even brush up on the original (and true) Dodgers conspiracy against the Padres.

Visit Friar Fest and touch a bunch of old junk

Some of you touched more junk than I did just because I was herding my 4 year old around the ballpark. Nevertheless, I did touch what may or may not be the Sisterhood of the Traveling Jersey Jersey. I also touched some farm equipment.

Learn more about baseball history in general

You will hate me, but I started reading Jim Bouton's Ball Four, which I hadn't read before, and heck if I can't get into it. Maybe it's like watching The Matrix after every other action movie has cribbed directly from it and referenced it, but the whole "baseball players acting drunk and crazy" thing feels better experienced through Eastbound and Down and more relevantly experienced through Bullpen Gospels. I will push on though for your sake and for the sake of my happiness.

Also, much more enjoyably, I re-read Jimmy Austin's chapter in Glory of Their Times. Tell me this doesn't suck you in:

I guess most people must have thought I was crazy. Twenty-four years old and leaving a good job to go off and play a boy's game. After just finishing four years of apprenticeship, too, and finally getting to be a full fledged machinist.

In a way, I guess it did look like I was off my rocker. . . .

So good.

Pick a favorite "Old timey time" Padres player

I haven't done this yet either. I'm trying to think of a fun way to do this, but nothing has come to me just yet. I may go to a baseball card shop and see if somebody's old time time card doesn't catch my eye.

So that's where I'm at. Better than I thought at first, but still short of my goals. I will get there though. I will be happy.