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Book Review: My Padres Baseball Game by Jenny Werner

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Published in 2011 and already there are so many things dated in this drawing.
Published in 2011 and already there are so many things dated in this drawing.

I'll be honest, when I say that I cringe a little when I see Padres or San Diego themed kids books, because, even though they're kids books, there's a corniness to them that I can't shake. Like in Good Night San Diego, when the book depicts 15 foot waves and says hello to a pelican and an unnamed pier. The art in that one isn't so amazing either.

But, I will tell you that My Padres Baseball Game does not suffer from Good Night San Diego-itis. I'd recommend this to Padres fans as a nice book to read to a preschooler that doubles up as something for your Padres stuff collection once your preschooler has grown up.

Jenny originally wrote the book as a Father's Day, Birthday, Anniversary present to her husband, Steve. It started out first as a poem and she later glued photographs from their games at Petco into a storybook as a keepsake for her husband.

This actually explains the art in the book quite a bit. Brent McCarthy, the illustrator, has a comic book style, but the images of Petco Park almost look like painted over photographs, which they very well might've been. It was only published last year, but I think it'll be interesting to spot how many differences in the park there have been from one season to the next. Already, the cover (and the pages I scanned) show Everth Cabrera diving and the old Petco Park logo.

I read the book to Elliott, age 4, and he enjoyed it just for recognizing Petco Park and the song from the last page of the book that we had linked to before:

Actually, when I got to that page and started singing it, Elliott was pretty quick to point out that I was getting the tune wrong, which was weird considering he hadn't watched the video in a week. Photographic memory, that one.

Check out Jenny's Facebook page for more info and where/when she might be doing any local signings. I'm not sure how we can fit the book in with our Happiness Project, but I'm sure this would make a good gift for a young Padres fan that you know and giving gifts makes you happy, right?