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Source close to deal: Padres TV deal could be worth $20, $30, $40 or $70 million!

Honestly, news media is a bit of a joke.

Of course the Padres new deal could be worth $75 million a year... If you want to rile up a fan base into believing that $75 million a year is cash that should go towards increasing player payroll. You could say that considering the fact that some day in the future - ten or twenty years from now - the Moorad group will eventually sell the Padres and the value of the Regional Sports Network that they will have helped start could maybe be worth like billions of dollars and if you divide up those billions of dollars that you stand to earn (should you decide to sell your stake 10 or 15 years down the line) then you, by GOD, should be spending that money that will be yours in 10 years to buy the most expensive player you can afford to buy because 2012 is our year.

I'm on a tagent... P.S. Krasovic confirmed Bob Nightengale's numbers, I guess... If you want to confirm them as bullshit.

Anyways. So now there's YASS (Yet Another Secret Source) that is saying that the Padres deal isn't actually worth $30 million, and it probably won't be worth $75 million, but f_ck-it-all let's split the difference and call it $40 million and then kinda vaguely say all the things that everybody believes so that we can just get back to speculating that it's actually worth a zillion dollars, which is what my source says.

The source added that when other factors, including a "signing bonus" and 20-percent equity in the new Fox Sports San Diego, are considered, the club could receive as much as $40 million this season.

Ohhhhh... So now there's a signing bonus and the 20% equity (which as far as I can tell still isn't spendable unless you want to take a regular annual loan out against it). And now the number is $40 million.

Incidentally, I still don't get how you "receive" $40 million if any of it is equity. Is Moorad planning on selling his share in Fox Sports San Diego as soon as he gets it in annual chunks? Who is this mysterious buyer going to be? My guess is Dennis Morgigno. He's apparently been sitting on a gold mine. If non-existent Fox Sports San Diego is worth over $3 billion, then, Channel 4SD, even in broadcasting to only half of San Diego, should probably have been worth $1.5 billion!?!?!

Corky's Pest Control must kill a sh_t ton of bugs.