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It's our anniversary! Seven years of blogging the Padres

Today marks 7 years since Dex and I started blogging about the Padres. It all started on a blog called Padres Fans Since '76 with a post about a second or third hand account of seeing Khalil Greene at Rock Bottom Brewery.

We were just boys back then with our whole lives ahead of us. We didn't know anything about puberty, underarm hair, blogging or the Padres for that matter, but we had three innate qualities that in time would be the keys to our success. We were virile, charming and handsome.

I don't think either of us had read a Padres blog before that fateful day in 2005 and it wasn't until after we started that we looked around to see that there were about three others. Of course there was Ducksnorts who had been blogging in one form or another since '97 and then another two who have since been buried and forgotten under the sands of time. Ducksnorts was like an ambulance driving through traffic, leading the way and we just pulled in right behind him like jerks. He gave the real Padres fans what they wanted with great story telling and in depth analysis and we were able to be our quirky selves.

Here's what Geoff from Ducksnorts said about us back then and I think it still holds up as a good description of what we do.

The other day I asked why there aren’t more blogs about the Padres. Well, now there are! Check ‘em out when you have a moment:

  • Padres Fans Since ’76 A little TMI in spots, but how can you not like their Keys to the Season. Good start here…
  • We were the brash and impetuous rookies with complete contempt for authority and raw talent. Now 7 years later we blog before you as crafty veterans, the wise sages of the internet. Your moral compass on all things Padres. Too far?

    Anyway it may have been a coincidence that we started on Valentine's Day back then, but our blogging was born of a nonsensical love for the Padres on the eve of Spring Training. It's still what fuels us today. Just like it was back in 2005, it's a good time to start a blog.

    Honestly I'm not aware of anyone that has been with us this entire time, but we thank all of you that are with us now or at some point supported us by reading in the past.

    Go Padres!