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Fan Fest 2012 Open Thread

OK So you're going to Friar Fest in the morning. This Open Thread is very likely not the proper technology to coordinate meetups and the like, but still, it's a good place as any to post comments questions and I'm sure somebody will find them. Better yet, be following us on Twitter and Facebook because (no offense to our wonderful SB Nation tech team), but those have better "live" mobile interfaces.

Some quick rules of Friar Fest

  • Calling it Friar Fest instead of Fan Fest may or may not make you seem old school. It's the equivalent of calling it the Del Mar Fair instead of the San Diego County Fair.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Wear sunscreen. It's supposed to be cloudy tomorrow, but you'll still be outside for a while and UV rays can penetrate clouds.
  • Bring a hood. There's a 20% chance of precipitation. You don't want to be the dork carrying an umbrella, but you also want to keep your hair dry.
  • Take copious notes. I'll expect funny stories from each of you.
  • Take lots of photos. See above point.
That's it. I wish I had thought of it sooner. We could've done Fan Fest Bingo again this season, but I'm not very confident that anybody did it last season, so..... YOU ON YOU OWN.