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Former Padres GM Kevin Towers talks about trading a player for a treadmill

Kevin Towers tells Matt Vasgersian the story of his craziest trade. He says he traded Sean Mulligan to the Cleavland Indians in 1999 for a treadmill and $50,000.

The story is true, but it sounds like Towers mixed up the numbers. The trade actually happened in 1997 and the cash total was $75K.

UT San Diego:

...when money was tighter and supplies were scarce, Kevin Towers revealed his resourcefulness by swapping a spare catcher for some workout equipment.

“We were kind of at our budget,” the Padres general manager recalled yesterday. “We didn't have any more dollars to spend and at that time we were sharing the (Qualcomm Stadium) weight room with the Chargers. We needed to buy some new weights. I ended up trading Sean Mulligan to Cleveland for $75,000 and a used Woodway treadmill.”

The cash was invested in pumpable iron. The treadmill, Towers says, was “hexed.” Sometimes, the art of the deal is abstract. Sometimes, circumstances compel you to improvise.

With steroid use rampant in the MLB and being used by some Padres no wonder they needed newer heavier weights.