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Former Padres Pitcher Doug Bochtler was a kleptomaniac. Who knew?

Doug Bochtler pitched for the Padres for 3 seasons, from 1995-1997. Nineteen ninety-six was obviously the team's best year since the Padres clinched a NL West Division title by sweeping the Dodgers in their own ballpark. I was there, it was the bomb as they said in the parlance of the time.

I must say it was a pretty good time to be a Padres fan or player growing a Van Dyke. If you were a kleptomaniac like Bochtler, drinks were ripe for the picking.

For three years he claims to have stolen the same ladies drink. The Padres PA would play the Mission Impossible theme song when an opposing pitcher would enter the game in an impossible situation, the music would immediately trigger Bochtler's disorder and he'd "shimmy" along the side of the stands and YOINK, the drink was his. Apparently the fan never figured it out.

Nowadays teams and players try a little harder to disguise the act of swindling fans, but the mid-90's were a different time.