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Padres re-sign Jason Marquis to 1 year $3M deal

Denis Poroy

Padres GM Josh Byrnes isn't anticipating any big moves this winter, so the re-signing of Jason Marquis is about the closest we're going to get to the hot stove. While other teams are cooking soups and scrambled eggs we'll be eating cold cut sandwiches and cereal like bachelors. This transaction has all the excitement of paying your rent in a month-to-month lease.

The deal reportedly pays Marquis $3M for a 1 year deal.

In case you're having trouble remembering who Jason Marquis is, like me, it might help to remember that he took a no hitter into the 7th inning last season before giving up a couple of hits.

I think the game plan this year is to try and run out the same roster as last year's fourth place, 76-86 team and then gamble on them staying healthy instead of not.

In conclusion if you root for pitching depth then this is your type of move.