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Hate and love for the new Padres batting practice cap

In a move unsurprising to nobody. Uni Watch gives the Padres new batting practice cap a D grade. At least we scored better than racism this time.

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Uni Watch got a look at all the new MLB batting practice caps for the 2013 season. The Padres new cap, from the front, looks alarmingly like the old cap, but it's actually a two tone with what should be a white around the back. What does Paul Lukas, he of self-allegedly, implyingly, impeccable taste say?

A white cap with a navy front panel? Woof! Further evidence that this franchise has completely lost its way design-wise. Grade: D

Which is just a little bit annoying considering the Mariners all blue nothing new cap gets a grade B+ and I hate the Mariners because I'm supposed to. At least we did better than the latently racist laughing Wahoo hat, which scored an F. Still, the second lowest grade?

It's really tough to pass judgement based on the photo of the cap from the front. Maybe they pull it off though I agree with Twitter in thinking that they could've done something a little more.

In the end, I'll have to see how this looks in person before passing final judgement. I personally love a well done two tone cap and it'll be nice to add one to the collection.

I will say that I agree with Lukas regarding the Brewers and Rays new caps. Those look rather nice. It's a shame Brooks isn't with either team anymore to give me an excuse to wear his gear. I'll get my fix in other ways I guess.