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Dick Enberg likes his coffee and interviewees Black.

Sat down to watch the latest episode of Fox Sports San Diego's "Cup of Coffee with Dick Enberg" and thought I'd blog it out.

  • First impressions: Bud Black is wearing an SDSU Aztecs shirt. Dick Enberg is old.
  • First thing Enberg says as he sits down in the coffee shop is "Harry... 'Buddy'... Black...Oh my!". Fortunately the waitress came to get their order before that continued. There isn't a more awkward way to start a conversation than to address someone by their full name while pausing between first, nickname, last name and then your signature phrase. I should know.
  • Black takes his coffee black with a side of water.
  • Black got his nickname "Buddy" from his sister who liked the character "Bud" from Father Knows Best.
  • Black remembers listening to Enberg call Angels games.We are reminded of Enberg's old age.
  • Black's dad was recruited from Canada to play for the USC's 1938 ice hockey team.
  • John Wooden is the greatest man Enberg has ever met, except for his dad. Black looks insulted as he sits across from him.
  • I'm just realizing that this show "Cup of Coffee with Dick Enberg" is a lot like Seinfeld's webisodes of Comedians in Cars getting Coffee except for the cars and the comedians.
  • I can see Enberg's handwritten interview notes. I wonder if he always brings notes to coffee. Isn't the whole idea of this show to let the conversation flow naturally like a bowel movement after a cup of coffee?
  • Black loved Sandy Koufax and Willie Mays when he was 10, but he modeled his delivery after Steve Carlton.
  • Enberg looks like he's melting under the lights.
  • Enberg was a professor and coach in San Bernardino. He just loved putting on the uniform. He hates losing. He could never hit the pop up to the catcher at the finale of infield practice.
  • Enberg is asking how Black disciplines his players. "You have to treat them all differently" says Black. I think Enberg and I were both hoping to hear stories of ritualistic spankings.
  • Black likes to see players grow up as people.
  • Black is extremely competitive but thinks it's important to have poise. Behind closed doors he can go ape shit on players and coaches.
  • Enberg asks Black what career he would have chosen If not for baseball. Black answers he would have been a baseball coach. Hmmm.
  • The season is intense for his family. Black says he lets his hair down in the winter.
  • "Nothing better than a ballpark in the early afternoon" says Black.
  • Black's daughter is a gymnast at the University of Maryland. He got up on the balance beam once when she was younger. He stopped coaching her after that.
  • Enberg and Black shake hands and agree that they'll be there to see the Padres win a World Series. "Lets do it sooner rather than later" says Black.