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Rapper Tyga balls out "like the San Diego Padres"

My knowledge of rap music is about on par with my baseball knowledge, which is to say, not that good and patchy at best. I went to one Ice Cube concert shortly after The Predator came out, it was a good day, but that's about the time I stopped paying attention all together. If we're playing SongPop and you choose the Modern Rap category you will roll me up and smoke me, I'm done.

That being said, I'd never heard of Tyga until his new song "Clique F*ckin Problem" came out dropped.

In the first verse he raps:

I ball out like San Diego Padres
TGIF, thank God, it's Friday

If you're anything like me, then you needed to look up the definition of "ball out".

Urban Dictionary defines "ball out" to mean:

  1. To spend a lot of cash, especially at a strip club.
  2. To do something successfully and effortlessly.

It appears that Tyga knows about as much about the Padres as I do about rap OR he's really stingy at the strip club.