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Rumor Mill: San Diego Padres interested in Edwin Jackson

The Padres may be looking at acquiring journeyman Edwin Jackson. Good or Bad?

Christian Petersen

Lots of talk right now that the Padres are interested in RHP Edwin Jackson. He's hoping for a multi-year deal, but in 10 years in the league, he's been with 7 different teams. He has solid numbers, but why are people so scared to be with him for a long time? Is he marriage material? Maybe he's only good for one night stands, doing all the romantic stuff at first, but then after the first anniversary, he's got his eyes on some other team sitting at the bar while you're supposed to be at dinner thinking about your future together.

Maybe he'd be inclined to hang out for a bit considering Cam Maybin wants him on the team. It's always nice to be around friends.

My pros and cons list:

Pros: Solid starter, Cam Maybin likes him, would be a nice addition to the club with upside, assuming Edinson Volquez is still with the club, would be fun to have another Ed added to the team for an Ed, Edd and Eddie thing.

Cons: Wandering eye, inconsistent numbers, looking for 8 figures may preclude us from improving in other place.

Edwin Jackson

#33 / Pitcher / Washington Nationals





Sep 09, 1983

Eyes: Smoldering