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Padres out in the community, shoppin' and jockin'

While the Padres Front Office folk are still shopping for pitchers the Padres players were shopping for gifts with kids around the community. Last week a buttload of Padres players volunteered at the Seau Foundation's "Shop with a Jock".

Randomly I walked in on Shop with a Jock last year at Mission Valley Target. Let me tell you, a peaceful late night shopping session can turn into a complete clusterf*ck in the blink of an eye when athletes and kids start to come out of the wood work. But it's a magical clusterf*ck, the type that can only happen during the Holiday Season. The nice thing about this particular event is that the kids aren't shopping for themselves, they're shopping for their family members, thus passing along the spirit of giving.

I like this video, because it's one of the rare times you get to see that brilliant Will Venable smile. If the Padres ever come to their senses and give up on him, he could have a career modeling for dental advertisements. Just watching this makes me want to get my teeth whitened. I don't know why he's got to hide his smile so often behind a menacing glare. Cheer up dude, you're a Major League baseball player, with tons of potential, who platoons in the outfield for the San Diego Padres and gets routinely shown up by Chris Denorfia. Seriously.

In the video Will is asked what the best gift he has given in his life. He guesses it's a drawing that he gave to his mother. If Will draws anything like he hits, then his drawing was probably a weak grounder to the first basemen, the kind that only a mother could love.