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Annie's fan mail follow-up segment

I've had a pair of Padres Weekly episodes on my DVR since September. Here we are in a deep and dark December and I'm finally getting around to watching them. On the couch, mid-episode it suddenly appeared! Annie Heilbrunn's much anticipated follow-up segment on Club House Attendant James Bigler who long ago pleaded to viewers of Fox Sports San Diego for fan mail of his own.

Well, that's not exactly what happened.

We saw James Bigler sorting fan mail and took pity on him when he admitted that he'd never received a piece of fan mail. We teamed up with and started a grass roots movement to get him the fan mail that he so desperately craved. Some time passed and we finally finished patting ourselves on the back after doing a good deed, that was until we were learned that he still hadn't received any fan mail. Thankfully some of you came through and one magical day he did..

Since then we interviewed him and learned that he received a total of 7 pieces of mail. The attention went to his head and now the rumor is he acts like big shot around the ballpark.

I think I'm going to send him a Christmas Card.

San Diego Padres
Attn: James Bigler
100 Park Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92101