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Padres Assitant GM Hinch deflects questions about Grandal's failed drug test

Hinch: "It's nothing that needs to be talked about publicly."

XX Sports Radio: Assistant GM A.J. Hinch interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • A.J. Hinch is in Indian Wells for industry meetings. It kicks off the hot stove portion of the off-season. Josh Byrnes brought A.J. and Omar Minaya to tag along. It's a good time to develop relationships. Some of the former Padres GMs take shots across the table but A.J. says they take it well and can dish it out too.
  • On Grandal's failed drug test: "It's tough and Josh will obviously be the spokesperson on our behalf. It is disappointing it's something we have to deal with and to be honest with you it's something we have to factor in as a reality. It's nothing that needs to be talked about publicly. I know that everyone is going to be curious about what all this means for the Padres, but rest assured Josh -- we'll have a plan to move on."
  • Darren: "You're doing a pretty good job of deflecting the questions about Grandal, is that MLB rules or Padres rules?" Hinch laughs and says it's a little bit of both, saying
    1. Byrnes should be the one answering the question.
    2. The failed test has already been addressed by MLB policy and the Padres want to move on.
  • Hinch says his personal opinion on whether a 50 game suspension is enough punishment doesn't matter. "It's not my job to comment on policies."
  • The Padres organization wants Andrew Cashner to continue to be a starter.