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Grandal failed drug test back in September

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Tom Verducci reveals in his latest article for SI that Yasmani Grandal failed his drug test back in September. I wonder if he found out the same time we did or if he's known since September that this was coming down. I'm guessing he found out just before we did because his tweets appear happy go lucky all through September and October.

Verducci goes on to explain that it's suspected that the drug of choice for cheating players is fast acting synthetic testosterone that can disappear from their system in 24 hours. They use it for quick muscle growth and recovery. So if they apply some cream right after they're tested or on an off day they can be pretty confident that they'll be clean by the time they're tested next.

Human Growth Hormone is the other substance that players use in their filthy cheater's cocktail. The MLB only tests them once in Spring Training.

Verducci suggests a solution:

If the owners and players were truly serious about a clean game, first-time offenders would face a minimum of a one-year ban. Unfortunately, there are no current discussions about amending the penalties.

Hell make it three years and make the teams forfeit the roster spot the rest of the season too. If you want to get serious let's get serious.

Hat Tip: Marty Caswell