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Chase Headley wins Silver Slugger Award

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Chase Headley wins his first Louisville Silver Slugger Award because he's Chase Headley.

Christian Petersen

You know what comes with being amazing? It's the fact that you win awards. is announcing that Chase Headley has won the Silver Slugger for being awesome. In the AL, Miguel Cabrera won the award at third base, but nobody cares about that guy.

It's all coming up Chase Headley who has already won a Gold Glove, been announced as a finalist for the MVP award, and scored himself two player of the month awards during the regular season. Word on the street is that he's a favorite to host next year's Golden Globes, has recently achieved grandmaster rating for his competitive chess play and can solve Perplexus Twist in under 43 seconds without jumping tracks, also on board to guest star in the upcoming Arrested Development movie and will be the season long companion in the 2014 season of Doctor Who.

Chase Headley

#7 / Third Base / San Diego Padres





May 09, 1984

Favorite Quote: "I win sh_t."