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Chase Headley a finalist for National League MVP award

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Maybe you people don't get it. Chase Headley is f_cking awesome.

Christian Petersen

I imagine somebody having lived literally under a rock somewhere that is very interested in the Padres and baseball in general, emerging from beneath said rock after having ducked under there some time shortly after Nick Hundley got his contract extension from the Padres and then emerging now, just in time to see that Chase Headley is being considered a finalist for the National League Most Valuable Player Award.

Or alternatively, I picture foulweather Padres Fan that wrote the team off just prior to the All-Star Break and is tuning into Gaslamp Ball to gloat about the Yasmani Grandal PED news.

Because really at this point, it would've been a little bit weird for Chase to finish up a Gold Glove season that also included an RBI crown and two player of the month awards and then not even considered him among the MVP candidates.

So, person under a rock... be fulfilled. Chase Headley is being mentioned among the greatest players playing right now, and even if he might not be considered a favorite for the award, it is nevertheless an achievement.

In the semi-official article, Chase Headley is graced with the second half of a compound sentence. Full sentences are saved only for the favorites, but still...

Being in position to match a Willie Mays accomplishment is always a good thing, and Posey can do that by winning MVP to go along with a batting title and a World Series championship the way Mays did in 1954. Molina also helped lead his team to the postseason with his two-way talent behind the plate and beside it, setting up a playoff matchup between the two premier backstops. Braun, the 2011 winner, had a frantic offseason with a positive drug test overturned, and responded with another award-worthy performance on the field to lead the Brewers back into contention. McCutchen had an amazing first half of the season and was a catalyst to the Pirates staying in contention deep into the season, and even if Headley's Padres weren't in contention down the stretch, his breakout performance with an NL-leading 115 RBIs certainly became worthy of MVP consideration.

MLB Network will show the awards next week. If Chase Headley wins, I'm gonna vandalize something downtown.