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"Disappointed" Yasmani Grandal apologizes, takes responsibility

Grandal issues statement to apologize and take responsibility

Christian Petersen

It was announced an hour ago that Yasmani Grandal tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone and will be suspended 50 games. Grandal just issued a statement to the press apologizing and taking responsibility.

Statement of Yasmani Grandal regarding suspension under MLB’s Joint Drug Program

I apologize to the fans, my teammates, and to the San Diego Padres. I was disappointed to learn of my positive test and under the Joint Drug Program I am responsible for what I put into my body. I must accept responsibility for my actions and serve my suspension.

"Disappointed" is an interesting word. Is Grandal suggesting that this violation of the drug policy was accidental? Like Ryan Braun accidental or really accidental? There's a big difference. Players rarely elaborate on this sort of thing so we may never know.

I guess it's good he's taking responsibility either way, it's the least he can do at this point.