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Josh Spence claimed off waivers by Yankees

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Paul Bereswill

The Yankees swooped in and sunk their pinstriped talons into the defenseless Josh Spence, picking him up off waivers.

This came about when last Friday the Padres designated Spence and Blake Tekotte for assignment. I know what you're thinking "Why'd the Padres didgeridoo it?"

Well it was to make room on their 40 man roster for 5 Padres who had been on the 60-day disabled list, lazily laying in hospital beds being fed ice cream through IVs by hot nurses. I'm not going to name any names but if you want to blame anyone for the departure of Spence then blame Cory Luebke, Joe Wieland, Nick Hundley, Kyle Blanks and James Darnell.

With Spence's career with the Padres all said and done, we can say now without hesitation that he will only be remembered for being Australian. That's why I hoped that when he had a chance to tweet his last words to Padres fans it would have been "Kangaroo".

Instead of this:

Good luck, mate.