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Olney: Padres have had conversation with Headley about a multiyear contract

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Denis Poroy

Very vague news coming from Buster Olney on his blog. Apparently the Padres have conversed with Chase Headley about a multi-year contract. That's news that will make Headley fanatics ecstatic, but I just can't see a deal getting done now. While Headley is open to a deal, his performance in the second half of 2012 means he'll be much more expensive. There's no reason for the Padres to buy high when they still have him under club control for another 2 years. They'll probably wait for him to regress before speaking again about a contract. The only caveat would be if the Padres expect the changes to Petco Park to boost his productivity.

But you couldn't blame the 28-year-old Headley if he wanted to get paid more like the player he was after the All-Star break, when he was sixth in the majors in OPS and No. 2 in homers (23), despite playing in the Padres' cavernous home ballpark.

And you couldn't blame the Padres if they were inclined to pay him more like the player he has been for most of his time in the big leagues -- a very good player, rather than the second-half superstar.

I feel like this meeting between Headley and the Padres was more a show of respect rather than anything else. The team can also placate fans who may or may not be butt hurt that the team hadn't approached him yet.