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Tony Gwynn is open to letting suspected PED users into the Hall of Fame

Kent Horner

XX Sports Radio: Tony Gwynn Interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • Gwynn thinks this is going to be the most talked about Hall of Fame voting ballot since the first one. He thinks at least 7 players warrant serious consideration. Bonds, Clemons, Sosa and Biggio are no doubt Hall of Famers but because of the PEDs you don't know how to vote because of the Hall of Fame's integrity clause.
  • Gwynn is glad he's already been voted in and can sit back and observe how this is going to play out.
  • Gwynn wouldn't protest if these PED users got into the Hall. "It's an era. We can't change the numbers. Things happened in the steroid era." He thinks this vote will impact the way people view the Hall of Fame in the future.
  • "I'm not one who thinks that everybody in the Hall of Fame today is clean. There were guys that smoked, guys that did amphetamines, and heck guys that did more than that."
  • Gwynn thinks that Bonds and Clemens had numbers that were so good that he isn't sure how you can't acknowledge that. "In my mind it's really hard to say that they weren't two of the best that ever played the game."
  • Asked if he thinks they should get in, he answers "I kinda do right now" but says he's torn. Gwynn says he might be the only one to welcome them if they do get voted in.
  • Gwynn estimates that Hall of Famers are 80 to 20% against letting in suspected PED users.
  • Gwynn played against and with PED users and admits it affects his opinion. "My thought process is a little it different than guys that didn't play with these guys."
  • "I kinda think Pete Rose should get in but I don't think he's going to get in."
  • "I'm good either way." Gwynn says he understands both sides of the argument but says he's open to letting PED users in.
  • He thinks the writers are going to make a point and make the players wait in the first year.
  • So many Minor Leaguers have been busted for taking steroids "and it hasn't helped them". You still have to have the talent.
  • Gwynn feels guilty for teaching his college players to do things the right way and now he's "on the fence" when it comes to voting for guys who are suspected of not doing things the right way.
  • Gwynn is offended when sabermetrics guys down play batting average and say it's overrated. "Darren, absolutely I take offense to it because If it's not that important then why aren't more guys doing it? Maybe that is the reason why." "There aren't any guys out there doing what I was doing."