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Classic GLB Revisited: Who Are You Not Allowed To Hate In Baseball?

David Banks

Longtime Gaslamp Ballers might recall a post from over five years ago in which Dex implored "Who are you not allowed to hate in baseball?" He mentioned that

Derek Jeter seems to be the name that people bring up as being immune to hatred, but heck... jbox and I hate him

and, in the comments, others suggested players such as Biggio, Maddux, Sean Casey, Mike Lowell, and... Schilling?!?! Yep, this was the origin of that particular meme.

A few players who are still active were mentioned as well. Ryan Howard and Brian Roberts came up, as did Robinson Cano and David Ortiz but it seems to me the Yankees and Red Sox are too polarizing for any of their players to be immune to hatred. Jim Thome may or may not play next year but I've yet to hear anyone hate on Ol' Jimmer.

Off the top of my head, Joe Mauer and Paul Konerko seem like good candidates, as does Torii Hunter- I guess I find that AL Central particularly inoffensive. What other current players do you think are un-hate-able?