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A few ways to revolutionize baseball

If you're not making the game better, you're making it worse

Denis Poroy - Getty Images

This one game playoff thing sounds an awful lot like a way that we would've revolutionized baseball. Maybe somebody is reading these posts. Here are a few more ways to revolutionize our favorite game.

  • New Basestealing Rules: Stealing of any base is allowed regardless of base paths. On balls in play, you'd have to move to the next designated base as predetermined, but between balls in play, you could try to steal third from first or home from first or home from second. Imagine trying to steal home from first base, if the batter wasn't aware of what was going on, he could get a hit, but the runner would be going in the wrong direction, thereby effing themselves in the aye.
  • Only one ball per game: Any balls that leave the field of play have to be retrieved. By the end of the game, the ball would be covered in like beer and ketchup from the times it went foul and scuffed beyond recognition. When the ball finally breaks apart, whatever the score was the last time the ball was actually usable ends up being your final score.
  • Protect the Pitcher like a QB: Since the pitcher is the most valuable person in the game, any time the pitcher is on the basepaths, he's allowed to slide feet first. This can happen anywhere and once he does this, the defense isn't allowed to touch him. If a defender accidentally touches a pitcher sliding anywhere within the basepaths then the pitcher is allowed to advance to the next base on a "Roughing the Pitcher" penalty.