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Pre-Season Padres Predictions prove that our psychic ability is pathetic

Only one among us correctly predicted the Padres would win 76 games

Richard Heathcote - Getty Images

Long ago, on April 4th, when the season was in its primordial form, we asked you to look ahead into the distant unknown future and to make Padres predictions. We warned you against invoking the black arts, but you insisted. You made deals with the deceased and relied on your necromantic visions to conjure up the answers to our 5 questions. Now we'll find out if your sources within the spirit world were true to you or were nefariously poisoning your mind with lies.

Ninety-Seven of you, 27% of the vote correctly predicted that the Padres win total would fall within the 76-80 category. It was the second most popular category behind the 119 (33%) that believed that the Padres would win between 81-85 games.

Gaslamp Baller wait til next year confesses to pulling his answers out of his ass, which was a trusted but grotesque method preferred in antiquity. He was the only one among us to go to such lengths and the only one to summon the correct 76 game win total. He went on to correctly predict that the Padres would finish in 4th place and Huston Street would be our All-Star. The rest of his predictions were wrong but he did casually mention that he wouldn't mind if Orlando Hudson were traded, which he was. He leaves us with a 6th prediction, a foreboding omen, the 2013 Padres will finish in "DEAD last" after trading their best prospects.

As for us, I was close in my prediction. I thought the Padres would finish with 75 wins and I did predict a 4th place finish. Dex correctly predicted that the Giants would win the division. Certainly neither of us are psychic but I'm quite clearly the more psychic between us, wouldn't you say?

Look at the results for yourself and see how close you came. Review your answers and your methods. Try to fine tune your psychic powers in preparation for next year.

NL West Standings

San Francisco 94 68 .580 0 Lost 1
Los Angeles 86 76 .530 8 Won 1
Arizona 81 81 .500 13 Lost 1
San Diego 76 86 .469 18 Won 1
Colorado 64 98 .395 30 Won 1

(updated 10.5.2012 at 9:01 AM PDT)