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Chase Headley: Gold Glover

Denis Poroy

Chase Headley is the 2012 National League Gold Glove winner at third base and I, for one, could not be happier that this year fans of other teams get to do the grousing about someone winning it just because of his hitting prowess . Frankly, I hadn't complained about that in years past because that's just the way it is, has been and will likely continue to be.

"BUT DAVID WRIGHT--" Yeah, we know. "BUT LOOK AT HIS UZR--" Doesn't matter, pal. That's what you guys call each other in Queens, right? Pal? "SERIOUSLY, THOUGH--" No, you seriously don't get it, buddy. Is 'buddy' okay? Yeah, everybody's cool with 'buddy'. Anyway, Chase Headley led the league in RBI. If you don't completely embarrass yourself with your glove out there, that's good for at very least serious Gold Glove consideration. I know it and you know it too, no matter how upset you are that your guy lost.

Digressive arguments with imaginary Mets fans aside, congratulations to Chase on his meaningless award. He earned it the old fashioned way.