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FSSD Girl Britt erased from Fox marketing

Well it looks like we lost another member of the Fox Sports San Diego team. This time the last original FSSD Girl, Britt, was erased from existence over the weekend. She was the blonde one. Not the sandy blonde one, the blonde one. After working an event at Fox Sports Grill earlier in the week she just disappeared from all Fox marketing. It happened very suddenly and without warning. I, like you, wasn't prepared. Now it's like she never existed except for an awkward Oxford comma left where her name used to appear in their Twitter bio.

With only two Fox Sports girls now instead of three, think of all that we'll be missing out on. There will be only 2/3's the number tweets wishing us good morning and good night. Two-thirds the number of pictures of their morning Starbucks coffee or Sunday brunch. One-third less basketball tweets we have to ignore. And heck, less reason to be offended by their lack of journalistic integrity.

On a personal note, Britt was the only FSSD girl I ever talked to and thus my favorite. I never met Katie and I'm never sure how to pronounce Nathalie's name without sounding like I have a lisp, so I remained distant. If I could offer some advice from someone who has just suffered an seemingly insignificant loss: enjoy these remaining two FSSD Girls while you can. You never know when it'll be the last time you see them dancing across the bottom of your screen when you're trying to watch a sporting event.