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Everth Cabrera A Super Two; Andrew Cashner Misses Cut

The collective bargaining agreement calls for the top 22% of players with between two and three years of MLB service time qualify for arbitration. One Padres player was in the that 22% and one Padre just missed the cut.


Everth Cabrera came into the 2012 season with 2 years and 4 days of service time, so once he was called up fairly early in the season he was always likely to become a Super Two and earn the bigger paycheck in 2013 that comes with it.

On the other hand, Andrew Cashner was always looking at having to rely on the luck of the draw to get into that group. He was 36 days short of 2 years coming into the season, so he'd need a full season and hope that was enough to reach the cutoff. If you recall, Cashner actually got optioned to minors at one point so he didn't even tally his maximum amount of service time. A savvy move by the Padres? Perhaps, however it turns out the cutoff was 2 years, 39 days and the fireballer could end up with at most 2 years and 26 days.

Eric Stults ended the 2012 season with between two and three years of MLB service time, but wasn't as close as Cashner. Cory Luebke would have missed the cutoff by a few days, but wasn't eligible because he already agreed to a contract extension.