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The Padres are moving in the fences at Petco Park!

Petco Park is shrinking and I couldn't be happier.

Petco Park was too big. Phil Nevin was right. Years of boring baseball are now a thing of the past. The Padres announced today that they'll be making significant changes to ballpark. I can't wait!

The changes will include:

Moving the wall that runs from the right-field porch to right-center field in 11 feet. The wall will also be lowered to match the height of the sub-8-foot wall in left and center field.

I was scared they weren't going to move the right field wall in enough but 11 feet is a lot of feet. Now I'm scared it's too much, in a good way, like when you're scared on a roller coaster or tied up by a hooker.

The out-of-town scoreboard in right field will be relocated. There will be seating modifications in that area that will be announced later. In right-center, the wall will go from 402 to 391 feet.

I've never liked that out-of-town scoreboard. They can relocate it to the trash for all I care.

The wall in left-center field will be moved in from 402 to 390 feet.

A dozen feet?! Yes! Baseball will be fun again! I'm going to call this little area, Area 51 in tribute to Trevor Hoffman.

The visiting bullpen, currently located down the right-field line in foul territory, will be moved behind the existing home bullpen area beyond center field.

I always thought that visitors bullpen was an embarrassment. I know you're not supposed to give the visiting team nice facilities but I've seen nicer bullpens on little league fields. The Padres will be able produce runs. Now the question is what will become of Luke Yoder's prized bullpen garden? How will the Padres meet their tomato, pepper and rosemary needs?